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Almost done

December 14th, 2008 at 10:20 pm

with my Christmas shopping.

While the husband went on a road trip with his friend (to help him out) to Pennsylvania, I decided to do some online shopping. It beats waiting in long lines, and having the kiddos scream because they're bored. One thing I don't like about shopping online is that mostly everything I wanted were out of stock! I ended up having to buy presents from 5 different stores.

Wal-mart- $57.90
Target- $28.93
Toysrus- $85.94
Amazon- $27.83
Best Buy- $271.29
Total - $471.89

Gifts left to purchase:

My 4 year old brother:
Transformers - $19.99
Incredible Hulk - $19.99
Total - $39.98 (no tax on base)

My 15 year old brother-in-law:
America Express giftcard - $50.00
Total - $53.00

I think that's pretty much it unless something else comes up.

Question for everyone who has kids! How much money is good to spend for kids on Christmas?

2 Responses to “Almost done”

  1. Ms. Pearl Says:

    Depends on their age I think. Teens are more. I spent around 400.00 each on my girls.(Paid in cash!) Too much I know but I love buying for them at this age...so much fun! Of course, it depends on your budget too. However, I have a friend who just charged about 300.00 to her credit card to buy Christmas presents for her 6 month old. That seems a little excessive considering she makes 10.00 per hour and that 6 month old babies probably aren't too concerned with unwrapping presents!

  2. essay for high school link Says:

    On the purchase of Christmas gifts for children, you can spend just the spike amounts all depends on how much you have the opportunity to buy what you want.

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